Skiing - finally!

Everyone is always surprised to learn that I don't know how to ski. "But you are from Sweden!" they say. "I'm from the southern part!" I respond. My parents never took us skiing as kids and when I had to option to go during winter sports day at school I always opted out since I didn't know how and didn't want to look bad. And then it just never happened. Until this month.

I finally went skiing a couple of weeks ago in Colorado. It was so much fun! I had an instructor and I think I got pretty good. These pics are from the second day of skiing (I swear my form got much better on the third day. I might even have stopped steering with my tongue).

I did do a lot of cross-country skiing as a kid, and my instructor told me that he thought that's why I picked up alpine skiing quickly now. Here is a shot of me and my sister (in matching outfits!) from back in the day in rural Sweden :) I'm 7 in this picture.