Casper is an actor, writer, director and film producer based in New York City. He first moved to New York to study acting and directing at the Lee Strasberg Theatre & Film Institute.

As an actor, he can be seen in the upcoming independent film "I Dream Too Much" and the Hulu original series "Deadbeat". Other TV-work include "The Late Show" and film roles include "Hitch", Little Children", and "Celebrity". On stage, Casper has played both Hamlet in "Hamlet", and Romeo in "Romeo & Juliet".

Casper is also an accomplished filmmaker who got his start in 2003 when he wrote, directed, and produced the short film "Mormor's Visit" as well as his first feature, the romantic comedy "Slutty Summer" (in which he also stars). In the following years Casper produced and directed another five feature films (three of which he also wrote): "A Four Letter Word" (2007),"Between Love & Goodbye" (2008), "The Big Gay Musical" (2009), "Violet Tendencies" (2010), and "Going Down in LA-LA Land" (2011). Casper co-starred in the last two. Casper has collected multiple awards at film festivals around the world for each of his films.

In early 2013, Casper directed his first Swedish film, a short drama titled "Ett Sista Farväl" ("A Last Farewell"), based on his own script. The film has been accepted into over 80 film festivals around the world and won multiple awards.

Casper runs the production and distribution company Embrem Entertainment. He is currently in pre-production of a murder mystery titled "Kiss Me, Kill Me". Casper is always on the look-out for acting roles, as well as writing and directing opportunities. In addition, Casper is available for filmmaking consultation.

Casper was selected as one of the 100 most influential and newsworthy GLBT people by Out Magazine in 2008.