I was not happy with KLM the other day. The afternoon before my morning flight from Sweden to Toulouse they sent me an email informing me that my flight had been overbooked and that they therefore had rebooked me on a later flight. What airline does that? If they overbook a flight they should ask for volunteers to take the next one, right? Not just rebook you! Anyway, I didn't get the message and went to the airport early in the morning and after making a stink I got on my original flight. They had to seat me in business since they had given my seat away to someone else. The person at the gate made a point on telling the stewardess not to serve me breakfast since I had been upgraded. Unbelievable, huh? 

Anyway, Lufthansa is worse. I left Toulouse this morning to fly to New York via Munich. Well, the water on the plane had frozen overnight so the bathrooms were not working. Also, they would not be able to heat up any water to serve tea and coffee. So what do they do? They wait at the gate for over 30 minutes for catering to bring hot coffee and tea. Hence I missed my connecting flight, as I'm sure a lot of others did as well (I managed to get on another flight a couple of hours later so it didn't turn into a complete disaster and now I'm happily home, but still).  What about the coffee you ask? By the time they served it, it was cold.