Sandy made me do it!

Sitting at home in my Manhattan apartment waiting for the hurricane. Thanks Sandy for helping me getting back into blogging! So much have happened over the last few months and I feel terrible that I haven't shared in on my blog. But hopefully I will be able to do some recaps in the weeks to come.

Anyway, since Manhattan doesn't seem to have been hit very hard yet (outside my window it mostly looks like a light rain) we can entertain ourselves with reading funny tweets and Facebook posts like this one from my friend Noa:

Good thing I bought those cans of soup. I'd really hate to have to go outside and brave this slight drizzle.

Or we can sigh to the fact that some Evangelical preacher is blaming this hurricane on the gays. Nothing new there right?

On a more positive note the newly opened gay bar around the corner is packed and serving $3 beers. Several of my friends are there already so I will take my chances now and go out for a drink (Sorry mom, but it's literary around the corner, I promise. Not even half a block away). Ti-hi!

Sandy coming to New York. Yes I know, pic is fake. But gorgeous n'est pas?