Jodie does well!

Without using the words "I'm gay" or "I'm a lesbian," Jodie Foster came out to the whole world in her acceptance speech during the Golden Globes. I thought it was a very touching speech in which she declared that she has always been out in her life, just not publicly. Clearly she is a woman who has struggled for a long time with how, if, and when she would declare it to the world. I've been very surprised to read all the backlash she has gotten from many other gay people for doing too little, too late. Her not using the word "I'm gay" to many people read like she proclaimed that it's something to be ashamed of. 

I for one think that the gay community should welcome her to the table. Many gay stars in Hollywood go to their grave never acknowledging this, and what Jodie Foster did was a great thing. Sure, it would have been even better if she came out 20 years ago and helped pave the way for many others, but not everyone has the same strength. In her speech, she seemed unsure of if she will ever be given the opportunity to star in a Hollywood movie again. She has reason to be: so far, in the history of Hollywood, no openly gay actor has ever been given a 'their name above the title' starring role in a big Hollywood film. There is a lot of money at stake on that level and so far no studio has wanted to take the extra risk of casting someone who the mass audience might not identify with because of their sexuality. Hopefully Jodie will be the first one to get that opportunity -- and if she does I hope we will all come out and support her. If not, someone else eventually will get that chance, and Jodie Foster will have helped make that happen. 

Let's all celebrate and support Jodie in her decision to publicly declare that she is gay (despite the fact that she didn't use that word). Let's help her feel good about her decision, and who knows where she will go from here and what she will do next? This was a very important step for her. Now when it's done I am certain that she will soon be much more able to be truly proud of who she is. 

Jodie Foster with her life achievement Golden Globe,  Jan 2013.