Park Ave Tunnel

I met up with my friend Craig this morning for the light and sound (noise?) installation in the Park Ave tunnel by Grand Central Station. All of Park Ave was blocked off from traffic and overflowing with pedestrians and bikers.

Walking through the tunnel turned out to be a very popular thing to do this sunny Saturday. The entrance is on 34th and Park. But the line to get in went all the way down to 32nd Street. Then it continued around the corner all the way to Lexington Ave. THEN it went up Lexington Ave all the way to 34th Street. But that was still not enough -- it turned yet another corner and took us back almost all the way to Park Ave. Crazy!

Luckily it moved pretty quickly as the tunnel light and noise installation was only mildly amusing. Pretty cool to get to walk through that tunnel though, as well as on the elevated lanes around Grand Central. Then we went for brunch.

Me in the tunnel

The light at the end of the tunnel!

Grand Central surrounded by skyscrapers. 
Eagle looking out from the elevated Park Ave.