Help me bring my new short to film festivals!

After our screening of A LAST FAREWELL in Cardiff, Wales a reviewer wrote: 

"Calm, quiet and incredibly nuanced, this is a touching and upsetting short. The pain and loss felt by the characters is tangible yet dignified, subtle yet all-too-obvious. Stunningly executed, beautifully made with obvious and meticulous care, Casper Andreas and his extremely talented cast have made something close to perfect…. It’ll leave your heart warmed and your eyes damp."

Please help me bring my stunningly executed film to more festivals around the world! Visit my kickstarter page and watch me explain why we need the extra funds, check out the rewards section and make a pledge. But hurry! The campaign ends at midnight next Saturday (Nov 2nd!)

Also, in case you are unable or unwilling to part with your hard-earned cash, you can still support the campaign by sharing it with others on your facebook wall, twitter, email...

The trailer: