Gay Film Festival Cruise

In 2010 I was invited to the first Pride of the Ocean, a gay film festival on a cruise ship going to Bermuda. It was a great experience. We spent the mornings in seminars and watching and talking about movies. Then we enjoyed the sundeck and everything else on the ship in the afternoons and usually had dinner together at night. I met a lot of great filmmakers and film-lovers from all over the world.

This June I'm going again! I'm very excited. This time the ship is going to the Bahamas. I will be screening one of my films -- which one I don't know yet. It's actually being picked by popular vote. So do check out my little trailer with clips from all my films and vote for which film should be screened oin the cruise ship. You don't have to sign in on the site or anything to vote or even plan to attend -- just click here and vote for your favorite. Right now The Big Gay Musical is in the lead. Is it gonna win?

Please do consider to join the cruise as well, or share the info about it with others who you think might be interested. (vote for one of my films on the site and you'll get a discount!) The organizers of this festival are great and I'm sure we will all have an amazing time together if you decide to join.

Me enjoying the sun on deck during the 2010 "Pride of the Ocean"

It's a gay festival on the cruise but not a gay cruise. So don't hesitate to sign up even if you are not gay. 

I loved being on a cruise and being disconnected from the world for six days.