Introducing Jesse Archer

Well not exactly. Jesse has been around for a while now, but I did introduce him to the world with my first feature "Slutty Summer" in 2004. Since then he starred in and also co-wrote my film "A Four Letter Word", he also wrote "Violet Tendencies" that we both produced and acted in. In addition he has acted in a bunch of other films, been a regular columnist for Out Magazine,  and not to mention his, I think, proudest achievement, writing the amazing book "You Can Run" about his years in South America. Get it if you can find it!
Promo-shot of Jesse and me for our first film "Slutty Summer". Photo by wilsonmodels.

Jesse has a small but pivotal role in "Going Down in LA-LA Land" (The first time he wasn't asked to take his shirt of in a movie, he noted), and now living in Australia, Jesse will attend the upcoming screenings of the film in Sydney and Melbourne. Check out this article about him in The Star Observer talking about it.

 I love Jesse's way with words and I wish I could write like him (Do check out his blog at jesseonthebrink.com). A frequent collaborator and a good friend, Jesse and I actually first met in the summer 2001 and had drinks at the top of the World Trade Center a week before they fell. I've been a fan ever since.

Jesse Archer