LA-LA wins "Prix de Public" in Brussels!

I had a great two days in Brussels when I went there for the Tels Guels film festival. Both my films "Going Down in LA-LA Land" and "Violet Tendencies" played opening night at the festival and I just learned that "Going Down in LA-LA Land" won an audience award for Best Film! Merci beaucoup à tous!

Though Brussels was very cold last week I did some sightseeing with my mom who came down from Sweden and met up with me. It was her first time seeing "Going Down in LA-LA Land" and I'm very happy to say that she loved it.

My mom has met up with me all over the world for screenings of my different film -- "Slutty Summer" in Stockholm, "A Four Letter Word" in Tokyo, "Between Love & Goodbye" in Zurich, "The Big Gay Musical" in London, and "Violet Tendencies" in New York & Chicago.

It's not easy to pursue artistic endeavors without the support of family and loved ones, and I feel so lucky to have my mom's love and support in everything I do. Happy Valentine, mom! Je t'aime.

Me all bundled up at Grand Place. I told you it was cold. 

This little peeing guy is all the rage in Brussels. Mannequin de pis.

Here he is again in a bigger version and made of chocolate. 
Mom in front of Mannequin de pis the next day. He is all dressed up in honor of the Paralympics (note the wheelchair). Apparently he has over 300 different outfits they put on him on different days. 

Having a Belgian waffle (me). Peeing in the window (Mannequin de pis)

Don't you just wanna walk down this street?