And the Oscar for Best Actress SHOULD go to...

Meryl Streep! Meryl has gotten so many nominations over the years that people forget that she hasn't actually won since 1982. Yet so many times she should have. This year her performance as Margret Thatcher in "The Iron Lady" is just unbelievable. Not only does she do the British accent, she also speaks like Margret, acts like Margret, stands like Margret, gestures like Margret. In addition her performance as the old Margret with alzeimers is just heartbreaking and so believable. 

Meryl Steep as The Iron Lady

I saw the film at a screening that Meryl attended. During the talkback with the audience I asked her if she had any desire to direct. She said no. She doesn't want to have to worry about where the trucks should be parked. She just wants to do her job and go home at night. I can see her point. 

Anyway -- Meryl got stiff competition this year. Though Tilda Swinton wasn't nominated (a shame -- though in no way was her performance  in "We need to talk about Kevin" as good as Meryl's in "The Iron Lady"), the other frontrunner for Best Actress is Viola Davis from "The Help". I just saw it the other day and Viola -- as always -- is amazing. I love her work and I so wanted her to win best supporting in "Doubt"  a few years ago (when she was up against her co-star Meryl!) In just one really incredible scene between the two of them Viola killed me with her acting. This time around however, Meryl should win. 

Viola Davis as The Help

This year Michelle Williams also did an wonderful job as Marilyn Monroe in "My Week with Marilyn". In a year with less competition, she definitely could have won an Oscar for that portrayal. 

Michelle Williams as Marilyn Monroe

Finally, I would also like to give a shout out to Glenn Close who is really, really good in "Albert Nobbs", playing an early 20th century British woman who pretends to be a man and works as a butler. Glenn also co-wrote the screenplay and has worked for decades to get this film made. I find that very inspirational and I'm so happy for her that she succeeded in the end and that she also got a nomination for the role. 

Glenn Close as Albert Nobbs