Promoting at the Gay Expo this weekend

I used to work conventions centers all over the US representing Saab at car shows. My title was "Product Specialist", or more unofficially "Car Model". A season of car modeling pretty much paid for my first film "Sluttty Summer" which I was editing at the time when I was home between shows.

I was reminded of those glorious days today working The GLBT Expo at the Javits Center in New York. This weekend though I have my own booth promoting the upcoming  release of "Going Down in LA-LA Land".

Bud Light Beer has come onboard as a presenting sponsor of the film much thanks to the fact that my star Matthew Ludwinski has worked as a Bud Light Boy at various events like these for years. Today Matthew was hired by Bud Light to pour free beer and pose shirtless for pictures at their display, but they also let him come to my booth and sign posters and talk to fans. Thanks Bud Light and Matthew! Thanks also to my assistant Ellis for helping out all day and to my friend, photographer Daniele Teodoro, who stopped by and took these pictures:

Me at the display
Me (looking both skinny and fat) next to Movie Star & Bud Light boy Matthew Ludwinski. 

We signed many mini-posters and handed out fliers. 

DVDs for sale!

No, the mechanical bull wasn't at my booth. It wasn't even mechanical -- two guys were pulling it back and forth!  
Here I am back in 2004, introducing the New Saab 9-2X at the convention center in L.A. The  Subaru-based car  (or Saabaru!) was a big failure for Saab/GM at the time.