Fun night with Alec Mapa!

 I went to see comedian Alec Mapa's very funny and also very touching one-man-show "Baby Daddy" being performed in New York last night. Alec's show centers around the craziness and hilarity that ensued from his and his husband's decision to adopt a 5-year old boy. The show -- highly recommended! Having children -- not sure... "Baby Daddy" kind of makes you wanna have kids and not  at the same time.
Alec and moi after the show. Thanks to Derek Storm for sending me the photo!

I was hanging out with Alec and friends after the show and he is super-nice. Not at all the nasty queen I made him play in his cameo as himself in "Going Down in LA-LA Land". Check out Alec's website for more info on him. And of course make sure to check him out in my movie!