HBTQ Festival in Göteborg, Sweden

I Göteborg, Sweden there was a HBTQ festival going on last week (If you can't guess the H stands for Homosexual and includes both gay and lesbians, B = Bisexual, T = Transsexual, and the Q stands for Queer and includes all of the above and then some). The festival takes over the entire city and the gay flags are everywhere! 
The major shopping mall in Göteborg. Way gay! The flags were everywhere in the city.
I was invited to be part of the official program sponsored by The Swedish Church. The Church programmed over 20 events during the festival like gay choir singing, and church services, but also a panel about gay films. I was invited by programmer David Oest (thanks David!) to be on the film panel along with Håkon Lui and led by Andrea Östlund (both Swedish film directors).
Andrea Östlund, me and Håkon Lui after the seminar. 

I think it's so exciting that the Church of Sweden is so supportive of gays! One can even get married in the Swedish Church now. 
Gay flags on every row at Domkyrkan (the Main Church) in Göteborg. I attended an organ concert there. 

Such a huge contrast to everything we hear about crazy right-winged Christians in the US and their constant gay-bashing. I believe a true Christian should be Christ-like. People who condemn and spread hate are satan-like. Here is one:  

Oh and in case you missed it, Sweden won the The Eurovision Song Contest last week and the Swedish winning song was played everywhere I went! It's totally stuck in my head right now. Listen to it a few times and you know what I mean! Here's the winner: