Hollywood opening of "Going Down in LA-LA Land"

The Chinese Theatre on Hollywood Boulevard opened with the premiere of Cecil B. DeMille's "King of Kings" on May 18 in 1927.  How wonderful to open my latest film "Going Down in LA-LA Land" -- a film about Hollywood -- exactly 85 years later (on the day!) at this historic Hollywood theater.

With my two wonderful super-supportive stars Matthew Ludwinski and Allison Lane outside the Chinese Theatre.

We were featured on the huge LCD screen outside the theater right there on Hollywood Blvd. So cool!
Thanks so much to everyone  -- including many in the cast and crew -- who showed up to our opening night screening and red carpet premiere party at the Andaz Hotel on Sunset Blvd (The Andaz has its own iconic history having been nicknamed the Riot Hotel in the 60s when it was the home away from home to many hard-partying rock stars, including Jim Morrison who famously dangled from his balcony, and Keith Richards who threw the hotel room TV down from his).

Below are some pics from opening night. For many more, please check out the album on our facebook page: facebook.com/goingdowninlalaland

The post-screening Q&A at the Chinese Theatres. 
I took this picture while up on stage with all the actors who took part of the Q&A. 
Me and Allison with Bryan Singer, director of "The X-men", "Superman" and "The Usual Suspects"

Me with Bruce Vilanch (who plays director Missy Manhandler) and Scott Graffius.
Matthew and Allison with Luca who came all the way from Florence, Italy to attend the opening.

Me with Executive Producer Linda Larson.

Allison with my friend Dr. Karl Wolfe who also sponsored the opening and has his logo on the wall. 

Producers René Veilleux and Donald Lopez with writer David Michael Barrett and myself -- the makers of the upcoming "Over The Rainbow." Can't wait!!

Brent Bailey (Candy's boy toy Dean) with friend. 

Angelina Hong (receptionist Kim) with a friend. 

 Filmmaker JB Ghuman, Jr ("Spork") who is a dear friend was our DJ for the night.  
Me with some of the cast: Matthew Ludwinski, Bruce Vilanch, Mark Cirillo, and Allison Lane. 
"Give me more red carpet!" Matthew did not want the night to end...