Independence Day & Independent Filmmaking

After a nice relaxing time in beautiful -- and very gay -- Provincetown, celebrating July 4th (see pics below) I'm now back in New York and spending this sunny day in front of my computer going over finances... Another quarter has passed and I'm working on preparing financial statements to my film investors.

I never actually enjoyed doing math but I'm quite good at it -- especially when it comes to counting money :) Sadly the financial state of independent filmmaking is such that I don't have much happy news to report.

Though I met many people in P-town who has seen my films, most had done so on Netflix (who pays next to nothing) or by illegal download (which, of course, pays nothing).  So even though my film budgets always have been very modest, it's getting harder and harder to pay back my investors as DVD sales continue to decline. Until I figured out how to solve that, I'm not looking to produce any more films.

On the ferry from Boston to P-town.

Poolside at the Provincetown Inn July 4th, 2013
Cocktails at the Boat Slip, Provincetown, July 4th, 2013.