Happy Pride Stockholm

Seeing all the photos my friends in Sweden are posting from Stockholm Pride today makes me very happy! Hundreds of thousands of people are out celebrating. We sure have come a long way!

I had attended gay prides both in New York, Paris, Copenhagen and Los Angeles before I partook in my first gay pride in Sweden in like 2004, and I remember that it was really emotional for me to see all the gay flags and all the Swedish flags for the first time AT THE SAME TIME! Both flags made me feel so proud.

Stockholm Pride

The Pride parade outside the Royal Palace in Stockholm.

Last year my film "Going Down in LA-LA Land" opened in Stockholm during gay pride at Biograf Zita. The theatre also held special screenings of all my other films, so for a week I attended screenings each night and answered questions afterwards. It was great to get to know some of the (mostly) older gay men in Sweden who came night after night to watch a new film and talk to me about them afterwards. I especially remember one couple, who were from the area of Sweden where I grew up, who had been together for 50 years. Sweet.

Me outside Biograf Zita, Stockholm Pride, 2012. 
Some of my New York friends pick a theme and dress up in crazy outfits each year and parade down Fifth Avenue. Maybe next year I'll join in. It's been a while for me doing something like that, but here is a picture from New York Pride 2002...

My friend Christopher (on roller skates) and me, parading down 5th Ave, New York 2002.