New Trailer for "A Four Letter Word"

Have you seen the new trailer for my film A FOUR LETTER WORD?

I was never really happy with the original trailer so I hired editor Alexander Hammer who edited two of my features (THE BIG GAY MUSICAL and GOING DOWN IN LA-LA LAND) to recut it.  Alex is a fantastic trailer-cutter! In addition to cutting the trailers for those films, he also cut the trailer for VIOLET TENDENCIES, which I think is a brilliant one. Check it out here.

Since editing my features Alex has gone on to be something of Beyoncé's in-house video editor, and worked with her cutting a bunch of her music videos as well as her concert movie. He has edited music videos for several other big names as well.

But back to A FOUR LETTER WORD. This was my second feature, written together with Jesse Archer, and starring Jesse and Charlie David. We shot it on location in New York in 2006 with the help of A LOT of people. It went on to win several awards and played festivals around the world. It opened in theaters in the US (The New York Times gave it an excellent review), and was released on DVD. Finally, end of last year, I got it up on iTunes so if you want to check it out, please buy the DVD or look for it on iTunes.

Now, click here to watch the new trailer!