Cirque Eloize's CIRKOPOLIS

Last night I went to see an amazing show! It was the New York premiere weekend of CIRKOPOLIS -- an incredible gorgeous acrobatic show. It's described as a "breathtaking blend of circus arts, theater and dance" and it was just that. A really beautifully choreographed show with wonderful production design and unbelievably talented acrobats/dancers/performers. The design reminded me of Terry Gilliam's cult classic movie Brazil. And it was all set to beautiful music. Stunning!

I went with family and we all LOVED it. So if you are in NYC this holiday season and are looking for something to do -- definitely check this out. It's a limited run so -- don't walk -- twirl over there!

Click here for more info and preview video. Notice that lady in the red dress with the wheel. Oh my God! Such a beautiful number!

Me and my niece Kaylah on the red carpet before the show.