Film Premiere in New York!

Wow -- I've been so super-busy that I'm totally ignoring my blog at a time when I have SO much to write about! Well I'm gonna try to catch up. First I must tell you about my NY opening of "Going Down in LA-LA Land". We worked so hard to make opening weekend a very special event and it truly was! Check out the photo album on the film's facebook page for all the pictures from the theater and XL Club opening night, G Lounge on Saturday night, and Boxers on Sunday night.

I'm so grateful to all my friends and complete strangers who showed up to check out the film. I'm so proud of this film and it meant to much to me to have your support! Thank you!

Special thanks to my sister who came all the way from Sweden, my two stars who came in from LA, my assistant Ellis, my photographer Daniele, and my friend Jamie who helped me organize opening night. And thanks to Michael who did red carpet interviews with us (see below). Thanks also to everyone who supported the kickstarter campaign to raise money for the release -- you made it all possible!

Me with my two wonderful, talented, and super-supportive stars Matthew Ludwinski and Allison Lane
Not only is he an amazing dentist with gorgeous offices right in Hell's Kitchen -- Dr. Reagan (right) also sponsored my opening and his logo for HMC DENTAL is on the wall behind us.  Need a root canal? Dr. Reagan is your man! 

Matthew with the one and only Randy Jones (the original Village People cowboy) and Jamie "Fruitfly" Ranieri who helped me host and organize opening night.
This lovely older couple came from Long Island to support their friend Allison and told me afterwards that they had been a little nervous about the film but loved it and thought it should be seen by everybody -- not just gay people. I couldn't agree more! 
My sister Kajsa coming all the way from Sweden! So much fun to share this experience with her. 
Thanks Daniele Teodoro for taking the pictures!